The Walls They Are A Changin’



It’s a really lovely porter potty. The yellow reminds me of the color that hickory leaves turn right before Thanksgiving. It’s just a little off level, but that just makes it exciting.

This picture is actually about a week old. A lot has happened since I took this picture. For example, I went to some Lean training at work. Got some free tacos. Tried a new salsa–Cigar City from Publix. It’s expensive. It’s the most excellent salsa I’ve ever had. I made up a Mexican Rice recipe in a pinch and it wasn’t bad.

Also, it has rained nonstop all month and that’s not an exaggeration. And I can promise you this. If there is one thing that the first generation Porsche Boxster loves, it’s nonstop, unrelenting, punishing rain mixed with fall leaves. The weep holes in the body work are not quite as big around as a Sharpie, aaaand occasionally you might find that a single sweetgum leaf causes 3 inches of rain to accumulate in your passenger floorboard. Like you, I’m very surprised that I got my car in my garage. Yes, it’s a small car, but you’ve probably seen my garage, and the impossible task before me. It was Sarah’s idea. I married the right woman.

Rain! The new house is a mud pit. Just Georgia red clay, mixed with 18 inches of rain, mixed with more Georgia red clay, and that’s pretty much the construction site. Speaking of: Construction! I walked through the house on Sunday for a pre-sheetrock inspection. I took some pictures so I know where things are in the walls once we move in, but here’s a sampling. First up: my kitchen.


Let me orient you. You are staring at the back wall where we plan on putting a kitchen. In this kitchen, we plan on cooking and preparing food, so we will put in cabinets and counter tops and ovens and sinks and islands and stuff and things. To the left is the mechanical closet. It will have our hot water heater and dust, and it will open into the garage. On the kitchen side of that wall, I’ll probably hang a pretty picture. Who am I kidding, I think I can get a case of wine on that wall. Challenge accepted. In that pocket to the left, we’re going to have an in-wall oven with a microwave above it, then moving back we’ll have a counter for my coffee, then the fridge. Staying on the same wall, that doorway in the back is our pantry. The lovely pink insulation dead ahead will be our cooktop, fume hood, and associated cabinetry. We’ll have our sink under the 3 windows in the back right, then stop the kitchen before we get to the big window in the right foreground. That’s our breakfast area. Turn around and look at:


Our breakfast area. Well, I’m in the kitchen about where the island will go (you can see the black wire for the wall oven and the mechanical closet to your right) and see where our kitchen will end and the breakfast (party) will begin. The door leads to a 6′ cliff where it might be prudent to put a porch, and the archway leads into our…


Living room. We don’t plan on keeping the bathroom fan box in the fireplace. We have 10′ coffered ceilings, we’ll do something with the fireplace, giant windows, and acoustic paneling. Acoustic paneling? Acoustic paneling. The brown colored insulation is all acoustic paneling going in all of the interior walls in all of the bedrooms and all of the bathrooms. I put the same stuff in my Master Bathroom when I rebuilt it, and Sarah liked it so much she asked the builder to put it everywhere. It will be verruh niice. There are more rooms in the house, but now we teleport to:


The bonus room! A bonus room, we have a bonus room. The brown you are staring at is the acoustic insulation [:)] backing up to my master bathroom. This room is directly over my living room, and you can orient yourself by looking at the chimney and the windows and the neighbors. IDSPISPOPD directly thru the back right corner ahead on your right and you’re in my:


Master Bedroom. You’re staring at your watch wondering when this post will end, but in the picture you’re looking out the front of the house. If you scroll back up to the lede picture, you’re looking out the 3 windows over the porch. If I turn around, which I have before, I’d be staring into my Master Bath. That pocket you see is my closet. Sarah has her own closet behind me. We have tiered ceilings in our room because that’s awesome, and we’ll control the upstairs temperature from the thermostat in our bedroom. Mwahaha.

We’ve made some changes, asked for some corrections, and they plan on sheetrocking tomorrow. So far, so good!

– Josh