A ton of work!

On Saturday, Jamie came up and we did a ton of work. Literally! And here’s what a ton of work looks like:

meh. I guess it was heavy...

That’s 150 pounds of rock, 21 80 pound bags of concrete, 6 pounds of water per bag, and a couple rebars, and we’re up to 1962 pounds. Add in all the dirt we moved to backfill the form, the tools we moved in and out, and the giant Five Guys burger I had for lunch, and we’re easily over the 2000# mark.

So it turns out that I may have to reorganize my project progress a little bit. At first, I was going to buy this quick setting concrete that would be load bearing in only 12 hours. When I priced out the difference, regular concrete was about $3.50 for a bag and the quick setting concrete was close to $5. That difference was a little tough to take, being that I probably need about 100 bags to finish the job. But then when I went to buy the stuff, I found out that theĀ $5 bag was only for 40# of concrete, and the $3.50 bag was for 80#. So now it’s $10 vs. $3.50, almost triple the price. No sanx.

So, I’m using the cheap stuff, but that’s not all bad. It will be nice to break up the days of schlepping concrete, but that means I have to start the kitchen demo a little earlier than I thought. I guess my main goal is to keep the dishwasher and kitchen sink functional for as long as possible.