All Done! (ish)


Finished(ish)! Well it’s been a long time since I’ve updated the blog. Coincidentally, the project itself has been a long time coming.

We just got our cabinets in a little over a week ago. I left, went to Africa, came back, ordered the countertop, and waited. For days. Then weeks. Then a month. It took about 45 days for our countertop to come in. We were told it was backordered from Italy.

But I got the appliances in. The last thing that I put in was the oven, which just went in a couple hours ago. That job took forever. More about that later.

I’m going to open some wine and make some dinner. The whole point of this post is to show off the (almost) completed kitchen! I have baseboards to paint and install, but they’re not going in tonight.