Better a Diamond with a Flaw than a Pebble Without One

I got an email from Diamond verifying that a maple tree has been felled, sawn into lumber, kiln dried, and is now being squared, formed, planed, dadoed, grooved, ripped, sawn, routed, sanded, stained, and  assembled into our new cabinets. They dont know exactly when the the cabinets will be done, but they expect that delivery will occur some time between June 4 and June 11. Wow wow we wow. That’s 8 days from now at the earliest!

We ‘gonna hafta figure out what kind of countertop we want to install, ’cause right now it’s looking a lot like plywood and cardboard.

One thought on “Better a Diamond with a Flaw than a Pebble Without One

  1. Josh,

    Thanks for the updates. I really enjoy your wit. Nice to see someone else having so much fun.

    I would come and help, but I’m waiting until you get to the point where I can kick over a gallon of paint on some new carpet or at least new flooring. Let me know.

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