Can’t be more than 114!

Oh man was it hot today. I spent about 4 hours in my car today, and serendipitously my air conditioner decided to completely crap out… again. I have a thermometer in my car’s air vent to tell me the temperature of the air, so I can keep tabs on my A/C system that I rebuilt. It was consistently over 100 degrees all day. Anyway, today’s A/C failure is the A/C clutch on my 4-month-out-of-warranty A/C compressor. A note to anyone out there who might be working on their air conditioner any time now or ever: I have learned the hard way many times over, unfortunately, that Factory Air is an absolute shit company. Everything they make is shit: their customer service is shit, their products are shit, their build quality is shit, their warranty is shit, their service life is shit, and their return policy is shit. Highly recommended. So…. It was really nice to work inside today!

I have started ripping out the old kitchen, and it was surprisingly easy. I just grabbed the countertop and pulled it up, and it came right off. This cabinet was installed with only two nails, so I pulled those out and just lifted the box right out of it’s space. I know that this was the easiest cabinet by far, but taking this thing out was probably only 20 minutes, and that includes vacuuming up afterwards.

These humongoids I did first, however, and they took significantly longer than 20 minutes. I had my dolly all ready, I had a makeshift ramp in place, and I was awkwardly maneuvering them to go down the stairs, and nothing was really working right. So, I just picked one up and put one of the sides on my shoulder, and that worked way better than I had anticipated. Maybe lifting 2 tons of concrete helped make these things more mobile than I was used to. Or maybe the idea of having two giant cabinets sitting in my doorway was the motivation I needed to get these things downstairs.

Most importantly, I found out the scale of the task of ripping out the old kitchen, and I don’t think it will be too bad. It’s certainly not going to be as rough as moving all that concrete! However, I do have to add another job to my crazy honey-do list, and that’s cleaning the den and the garage. Ouch.

I’m definitely going to need help moving the fridge, so whoever comes over can help me clean all the beer out of it first.