All My Friends Know the Low Rider








This is what the Blazer looks like with 3/4 of a ton of crap in the back. My car took it like a champ, but I certainly wasn’t the first off the line when the light turned green.

That concrete didn’t stay in my car long, as you can see. I put another ton of concrete in a hole , completing two of the new foundation pillars.

Because the worst part of the sag happens in the middle of the beam, and now that the two middle pillars are poured, pretty soon I can install the floor jacks and start re-leveling the house. On this type of concrete, it will be a few days still before I can put the weight of a house on it, but the hard part is done for these two supports.

For those keeping track (me), this slab was over a ton of concrete (2060 pounds), 150 pounds of rock, 2 rebars, all completed by my lonesome. My live-in brother in law came in at 7 this morning and slept until 6:00, just as soon as I was done washing all my tools. I’m sure it was just a coincidence.