Closing Time!

We closed on our new house!

I haven’t been in it yet.

On the day of closing, we got a message from the builder that he and the flooring company were not happy with the last minute floor repairs that had to be done or the last coat of polyurethane. They were both in the house at closing sanding and buffing. That means that we would need to stay off the floors until it’s all cured and done.


But now we own the garage, so I spent some time cleaning it and moving some boxes. And, you know, the important stuff.


First thing’s first. Hope the neighbors like Zeppelin.

The garage is cleanish. I washed the construction dust off the walls, mopped the floors, and then swept it all out, but nothing is really clean in Georgia in April. I’ll bring the leaf blower in as soon as the floors are dry.

My goal is to get my current garage cleaned out so I have some woodworking space to make some closets and cabinets, and Sarah’s goal is to get Charlie’s room all set up. But the very first thing we are going to do when we get in the house is do a new-house scrub of every room and get it move-in ready. Then I will take pictures of every room so in a year or so, I can look back with fondness and longing for the time that the house was clean.

More to come. Maybe even tomorrow.