The Blog Recalibration Project

Well, a lot has happened.

Following our disaster, Sarah basically took over building the house. She kept things going while I floated between absolutely useless and marginally functional. Once I dipped my toe back into the fold, I dove into my job. I really do like my job at The Coca-Cola Company, it is always interesting and incredibly fast paced, so I let it take over as a fantastic distraction. I had project requirements that changed, key employees that found different opportunities, processes that evolved, and I really just let the work take over. I was needed at the office, and I needed it. Plus, I really like the people I work with. So I kept tabs on what was happening with the house, but it really became The Sarah Show. At this point, it’s more hers than mine, and I’m happy with that. I don’t quite think that she is.

In normal circumstances, I would have kept everybody up to date on the progress. I was excited to quip about granite shopping, or learning the word baluster. Obviously, that didn’t happen. But, this blog is for me, it’s for you. I’ve seen a lot of hobby-based blogs that have turned into an unfortunate chronolog of a dramatic family tragedy. In fact, if you scroll down, you’ll see that you’re reading one. So here’s what I am going to do:

I brought this blog online many moons ago to talk about my projects. Clearly, it took a turn. I’m going to go back to talking about my projects. I am going to give an update on the house very very soon. I am going to talk about Jeremy. I am going to throw in my experiences of going through loss, going through this year of firsts without Jeremy. He’s still my brother, but his voice has tragically been relegated to the ones that knew him best. I will have posts about him. I will have posts that don’t mention him. I will be open and transparent because dammit I write the best when I do. I will also probably write about the infuriating process I am going through right now where I have two servers, nearly identical, one for test, one for my production code; one successfully sends emails and one absolutely does not. This blog will be about me, and while I will focus on my projects, I am not trying to silo anything.

We will close on our new house tomorrow, Good Friday. I will be soooooooooo damn happy to be done dealing with Realtors, closing attorneys, builders, builder Realtors, and lenders. The builder has done an incredible job, and I am ready for the house to be our project. It’s going to be an emotional closing, for reasons I’ll talk about later. We’ll still have our current house, so I’ll be talking about getting that house ready to sell and going through the selling process too. Pictures of the new house are forthcoming. Pictures of the old house will be available once I move my boxes and piles and clutter to their new home. I don’t know the Vegas odds of that happening before the summer. I wouldn’t put money on April.

However, if you are invested in the timeline because you would like to buy my current house, lets work a deal. Fantastic schools. And I’m only moving down the hill about 1000 feet, so it comes with the world’s best neighbors. Case in point: can your current neighbors loan you a cement mixer when you’re in a pinch? No? Looks like you need to move.


2 thoughts on “The Blog Recalibration Project

  1. Hi Josh, you have been in my thoughts a lot this year. Things will never be the same for you since loosing Jeremy, but life moves forward and you will find joy again. And your brother will never be forgotten. I know so many people have you, Sarah, and Charlie in their thoughts and prayers.

    Glad to hear the house is moving along well. Best wishes with your upcoming move. I look forward to hearing more about your projects, and your life. Much love to you!

  2. Glad your back. One of my favorite things that come in the spring are the Eastern Towhees. It had a different meaning for us this spring. Years ago your dad told me it was the Jeremy bird and I realized that is exactly what it says. Every morning I sit and listen to them say “Jeremy!”back and forth to each other. It’s sadly comforting..I miss that boy..
    Congratulations on the new house! Good to know you have a cement mixer in case I ever need one! Love you!

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