Inside Edition

Welcome to our home!

Interior Shots 11

Entering though the front door, you see the dining room to the left, music room will be on the right, the stairs are directly ahead, and right beyond my coffee mug is our living room, which overlooks the back yard. Up and to the right is our guest room. Come by and stay a while!

Interior Shots 9

This is a look into our music room. The piano is going to go on the brown wall opposite the windows and I’ll hang some guitars on either side of the piano. I’m going to probably put my scotch bar on the terracotta wall, which will lead to a debate on whether we have scotch in the music room, or whether we play music in the scotch room. It will probably depend on who you ask.

Interior Shots 8

Turn around and you’ll see our dining room with Sarah’s gorgeous chandelier. There’s a speaker in the ceiling that I’ve recently hooked up so we can have some music while we clean and move stuff in. In case you are wondering, and even if you weren’t, the first song cranked to 11 was Babe I’m Gonna Leave You. That song choice has absolutely nothing to do with mine and Sarah’s relationship status and everything to do with Jimmy Page. I mean, Robert Plant too, but Jimmy Page. It’s always my first song on new stereo equipment to see if it’s worthy. These speakers are worthy.

Interior Shots 2

The downstairs bathroom has an entry from the hallway and a separate entry from the guest room. According to the (excellent) granite store we got everything from, the veins in the countertop are petrified wood. Even if it’s not, it’s a good story.

Interior Shots 3

Guest room. The guest room overlooks the back yard and a beautiful American Beech tree. The left wall backs up to the living room and the bathroom is to the right. We’ve put acoustic insulation in the walls floor to ceiling in all the living spaces, so our guest room should be somewhat shielded from the noise in the living room and the rest of the house. But our son found out that the house echos and we’re bringing in musical instruments for him to play, hit, shake, and bang, so no real guarantees.

Interior Shots 7

Interior Shots 6

A couple shots of our grand living room: 10′ ceilings, granite hearth, and a cast fireplace mantle. We’ve put feature lighting on the wall on the right so we can highlight some art or a family portrait. Or a wall of photos. We don’t quite know how we are going to set it up. We’ll have the TV over the fireplace, which I’m not crazy about, but Sarah found some good ideas for cabinets on Pinterest so we can hide it when we aren’t using it. All of the A/V electronics rout to a panel on the right wall, so even if the bare TV has to sit there, it will at least be clean. Go through the large arc on the left to get to our breakfast area and kitchen.

Interior Shots 5

We love the kitchen! All new Slate GE Profile Appliances, our wasabi colored island, and our cherry cabinets. We blew the budget on this one, but we’re really happy with how everything turned out. The dentil molding is a nod to our old house. There’s speakers in the ceiling in-line with the island, and they’re hooked up with the Dining Room speakers. Yep, more Zeppelin.

Interior Shots 4

We’ve copied the detail of the arc for a valance that goes over the sink and connects the bank of upper cabinets to the floating cabinet on the right of the sink. You can kind of see it in the picture up top, but I don’t have a straight-on shot yet. The windows behind the sink overlooks the back yard and the porch.

Interior Shots 1

So that’s pretty much it for the downstairs! These stairs lead you up to where our bedrooms, play room, project room, and messes will be.

What a project.


6 thoughts on “Inside Edition

  1. How about those beautiful colors and exquisite taste. I like the wasabi/cherry kitchen and all of the detail work. I am proud.

  2. It’s beautiful!! Good work guys!! We are definitely taking you up on that guest room- asap!
    Don’t put the tv above the fireplace! I know I’m supposed to not say anything. But I’m an artist and I’m family and that means I have a tiny amount of leeway when it comes to giving my opinion on things that are not my business. TV’s should be low. It’s a home not a sports bar. Also, it really makes your eye compete with the fireplace. I mean, it’s a beautiful fireplace, let it be a fireplace. Put a painting up there. We’ll mail you something. Seriously. I think we still owe you a wedding gift. It’s only been a decade right!??
    Love you both to bits.

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